Hello guys,

This will probably get ignored or mocked as just another stupid rant about the game, but I don't care.To be honest, I love Overwatch. I love the game, the characters, the story and I can't wait to see what will come next to it. But I'm so tired of how bull!@#$ this game can feel, especially recently.I play mostly in ranked, because I like to test my skills in a competitive match, I like the challenge and the idea of progression, getting better and better as I play the game.I bought Overwatch on PS4 at first and got to diamond there. After a year, I made the investment of getting a gaming PC to play Overwatch on it, to go even further. My first placement on PC placed my in plat. I stayed there for a long time, and it was fine. It varied between mid to high plat, and all was fine. But then, at some point, after spending hundreds of hours playing the game, I felt the need to take a break.

Help me please

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